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Want to stay connected, but not sure how? Let me count the wayssssssss 🙂 Seriously, I’m flattered you want to stay in touch. Here are a few ways we can remain connected:

And you can email using the form on this page.

Suggest a podcast topic (Candid Momversations strives to create a safe space for us to talk about the things that matter to us. If something is dear to your heart that you’d love to hear discussed, please share.)
Join the Momversation! (If you enjoy our podcast, request to be a guest for a chance to be featured on an upcoming episode of Candid Momversations!)
Invite me to Speak (It’s my passion and purpose to reach as many women and mothers of color to share my story, give uplift and encouragement and cultivate environments of transparency and transformation. Have an event, conference, workshop or gathering coming up that you think I would be a good fit for? Tell me everything! I’d love to learn more about the opportunity.)

Ask Patrice (Hey Sis! Sooooo….. I am NOT a counselor or therapist; but I am your sista in this motherhood thing! I can offer my honest opinion regarding whatever you ask about, and will sometimes solicit the input of experts to add to my response to your questions. Ask anything (about motherhood, breastfeeding, “balancing” it all, etc) and I will randomly choose questions and reply on Instagram or even on a future podcast episode….

Drop me a line (If you just want to send me a note to say “Hey, girl!”, “Thanks for what you’re doing!”, or “I have a few ideas”… feel free to reach out!)

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