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Remember that village is not only for your children, but for YOU. It’s something a lot of us mamas and ‘mamas to be’ don’t realize - that we have to learn. 

They say

it takes a village...

Motherhood in Color is designed, driven and dedicated to help Black mothers cultivate, leverage and lean on their Village.

MiC Mission: 

MiC Mantra: 

Cultivating Sisterhood.

Celebrating Motherhood.

Honoring Womanhood. 

xo, Patrice

As you hopefully know by now, we have an It Takes a Village vibe over here at MIC. Having other women by your side, and behind you to hold you up when needed, is so critical.

Motherhood in Color, as a brand, as a community, as a movement has not been created in a vacuum. There are multiple powerhouse women that have played a role in making this dream - a reality. 

I am honored to have worked with these women and affectionately refer to us as the The Village Behind The Village…

The Village Behind The Village

Vision, Protection, expression

Richmond, VA (still call HBG home)
Kindred Spirit: Beyonce; Eagle

Patrice Hagan,MS, MBA, APR

Creator, Motherhood in Color

Charlotte, NC


MIC’s IP Attorney 

Detroit, MI Whatupdoe!
Kindred Spirit: Michelle Obama; Lion

Ash Nicole, The Vision Vanguard

MIC's Copywriter

branding, development, design.

Detroit, MI

Meagan Ward

Brand Designer (MOD & VV)

Atlanta, GA
Kindred Spirit: Erykah Badu; Wolf.

Narsha njoya

Web Designer

Naperville, IL
Kindred Spirit: Michelle Obama; Lion

Justerica Angelic

Real M.O.M. Talk Brand Designer

Storytelling, writing, curating

Charlotte, NC
Kindred Spirit: Ciara; Butterfly

Channing white

Blog Editor

Harrisburg, PA
Kindred Spirit: Erykah Badu; Wolf.

Shenita Lyndell

Blog Editor

Newark, NJ
Kindred Spirit: Erykah Badu; Wolf.

Justerica Angelic

Blog Editor

engaging, sharing, welcoming

Cibolo, TX
Kindred Spirit: Ciara; Butterfly

Rheya Sunshine

FB Group Moderator

Richmond, Virginia
Kindred Spirit: Ciara; Butterfly

Jasmine Bates

FB Group Moderator

Norfolk, VA
Kindred Spirit: Erykah Badu; Wolf

Shaunte’ A. Atkinson

FB Group Moderator

Richmond, VA
Kindred Spirit: Beyoncé; Eagle 

Jennifer Carrie

FB Group Moderator

Meet the Creator

Hey again! I’m Patrice- a visionary Black woman, wife, mama to two sons and a daughter, savvy brand and culture strategist, a girls' girl—ask my friends of 15+ years.

I have a passion to connect with, empower and celebrate women of color… especially those of us (planning to, or currently) experiencing the gift of motherhood. 

I am SO honored that you stopped by to learn more about this melanated, mommed- out and judgment-free corner of the internet. This community exists because of my love and care for you! And, since you're here, I want to let you know that you're in good company. 🤎

I'm Patrice

I absolutely adore my husband and my beautiful babies, and am grateful to experience motherhood. It's been the most transformative experience of my life. In a sense, motherhood made me feel as if I was reborn; new; refined. I birthed purpose and a new level of ambition to truly live my life when I had my children. 

But it doesn't always feel that rosy and beautiful. And women everywhere let me know I'm not alone. We all needed a collective sigh of relief—a safe space that has compassion, love, transparency, healing, and support in its DNA.

Space where we could lock arms and square up against the anxiousness, overwhelm, depression, and mom guilt.
Space where Black women can be loud and honest instead of silently bearing burdens.

We deserve it.

I want us to bask in our blessings, grow through the hard stuff with gratefulness and grit, and indeed be happy in our lives. 
It doesn't just take a village to raise a child; it takes a village to raise each other. Motherhood in Color is that village. Let's celebrate the magnificence of motherhood AND the worthiness of womanhood. 

Let's lift one another as we mother our children and ourselves. 


Let's do our MOTHERHOOD... IN COLOR!


Podcasts I stay listening to

Got my skin

You gotta read these!

My FAVorite things
& other Mama Must Haves

married to my Love

Classic Red

Surf & Turf meeee!

  1. Knotless braids
  2. Blow Out
  3. Faux locs
  4. Twist out

Favorite summer hairstyle:

Lovesong by Adele

Favorite song to sing in the Shower:

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Halloween
  3. Christmas
  4. Valentine’s Day

Favorite Holiday:

mac & cheese

Favorite comfort food:

  1. Bali
  2. Egypt
  3. Bora, Bora
  4. Turks & Caicos
  5. Dubai
  6. All of the above

Dream Vacation Spots

Having some friends over the house to talk, laugh, eat good food and enjoy each other

My idea of a good time:

  1. Sauvignon blanc
  2. Cabernet
  3. Sparkling Prosecco
  4. Merlot
  5. Other:

My wine of choice:


Beautiful beach (water truly calms me)

Vacation must-have:

  1. Orange
  2. Brown
  3. Black
  4. Pink
  5. Teal
  6. Yellow

Favorite color:

to Clone Myself…as long as they all report back to base each night...LOL

If I had to choose a Superpower:

a little more about me

Get  to  Know Me

While I still have you on the line…

What You Gotta Know:
We have SO much power—POWER TO DO ANYTHING. Once I recognized my own power, I committed to breaking chains and building bonds with women standing beside me and young girls coming behind me, so they realize their power and do the same.

Java, Smoothie, or Cocktail?:
I LOVE a good Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frapp —heavy on the caramel and crunch and topped off with whipped cream, of course ;)! *& try two pumps of Brown Sugar if ya nasty

Favorite Cable and Streaming Shows:
The Best Man: The Final Chapters (Peacock); Harlem (AmazonTV), Your Honor (Showtime), Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu), Maid (Netflix), Ginny & Georgia (Netflix), Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

This Mom's Guilty Pleasure:
Reality TV, particularly OWN, BRAVO and Peacock shows. Actually scratch the guilt; they are pretty entertaining TV IMO.

Kid-Free Vacay:
Tulum is definitely a fave. Make it s fully staffed Villa, and it’s a whole vibe. Give me beaches, adventure, culture, good food, and DND, and I’m set.

Stationary (there’s something about pretty paper that makes me feel like I have it all together!; Shoes (no explanation needed, right); Home decor, because I love to reinvent and reimagine my space.

More Kids?:
Before we had kids, we wanted three. We eventually had two. Then my husband wanted more and I swore I was done. At some point, I was open to more, , but my husband was done. So I let it go. But shortly thereafter… there were three! Listen… I enjoy pregnancy and can endure labor, but that first-year, BAYBAYYYYY. Three and NO possibles over here! LOL

HBCU for undergrad; Virginia Union University to be exact: Go Panthers!
Virginia Commonwealth University and South University for both Master’s degrees. I can walk in any boardroom and hold my own, but my foundation always gon’ be BLACK.

Career Gems:
From Music Festival and Event Planner to Professor to Award-Winning Brand Strategist to Million Dollar Change Agent, to Cultural Transformation Champion, I’m grateful for my professional journey.

You'd Never Believe:
I left a six-figure corporate position in the midst of a pandemic to focus on my family and begin to fully pursue my purpose. I have never felt so rich and secure walking into my divine assignment with passion and fearlessness. I have since returned to the workforce, but it’s on my own beautiful terms.. Grateful to enjoy meaningful work, a balanced life, and an amazing team.

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