I am SO honored that you stopped by to learn more about this melanated, mommed- out and judgment-free corner of the internet. This community exists because of my love and care for you! And, since you're here, I want to let you know that you're in good company. 🤎

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Hey Mama and Welcome!
I’m Patrice, proud creator of Motherhood in Color. 

It Takes a Village to Raise a MOM... 

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Our 10 Mommandments


We remain connected to God, our source of strength, even in moments of weakness. We recognize that we sustain our strength by being connected to our higher power.


We remember how blessed we are to walk the path of motherhood. We are honored to have been chosen to hold such a sacred role in life and vow to enjoy its riches and splendor.


We maintain our sense of self. We will full-heartedly celebrate the wonders of motherhood, while honoring the glory of womanhood.


We release any guilt about making time to care for ourselves. We will prioritize self-care, realizing that caring for our spiritual, mental, physical, and financial health is essential.


We destigmatize struggle and give voice and light to the challenges of motherhood. We recognize that acknowledging challenges propels us to a space to seek needed support so that we can focus on cherishing the beautiful moments of motherhood.


We relinquish the need to compare our motherhood journey to others. We understand that each of our motherhood journeys is unique and deserves to be respected.


We release negative thoughts, actions or behaviors that would otherwise eclipse our happiness or contentment. We are mindful and protective of our energy as we understand the correlation between our energy and our environment. We choose peace. We choose joy. Over everything. 


We relish being judgment-free in regard to other mothers. We will affirm our sisters as we collectively navigate the uncharted waters of our individual motherhood journeys.


We authentically offer love and support to other mothers in our lives. As mothers, we recognize the call of duty of motherhood and we relish in the opportunity to provide solace, strength and encouragement to one another. 


We journey alongside our sisters in motherhood. We will do motherhood together. We will do our Motherhood in Color!

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If you can commit to these Mommandments, welcome home. You’ve found your Mama Tribe!

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