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by Shenita Lyndell (A LETTER TO MY MOMMY) (Written in 2020– at the start of the pandemic weeks after the birth of my first child) To my SuperShero: I have always appreciated the things you’ve done for me in my life But as I embark on this new journey of motherhood—  My gratitude has reached […]

by Channing White Before I get into it, let me assure you that every birth story carries its own unique interest and experience. {Getting right into it…} I always prided myself on knowing.  Call it intuition, call it discernment, call it intellect – but your girl just understood the directions AND the assignment at whatever […]

by Shaunté Atkinson Milk making mamas: STAND UP! In the Black community, we don’t celebrate this enough. Breastfeeding is beautiful…  “I’m pregnant!” The excitement you feel once you find out you’re about to take on the biggest journey of your life-MOTHERHOOD. Nine months later the baby is born and the doctor is handing you your […]

by Rheya Carrington Hey Mama, I see you working hard.  Giving to everyone before giving to yourself.  Making sure everyone is fed, bathed, in a clean space, homework done, running to and from practice and giving all your love.  I know it has been even harder with COVID.  I want you to know… I see […]

By: Jennifer Carrie “Breast is best!”  “It’s natural!”  “It’s a special bonding moment!”… I’ve heard it all..  and I believed it.  If it was one thing I knew for sure, I was definitely breast feeding my baby!  But wait. (fast forward to baby boy arriving) One week in and my baby was not latching appropriately. […]

By Jennifer White As a wife and mom, one can easily get caught up in  work,  parenting,  cooking,  cleaning  and ALL of your day-to-day tasks.  I’m sure much like it is in my home, as “mom”, everyone relies on YOU.  Trust and believe me I love my family, but some days it can be overwhelming […]