Self Care is the Best Care

By Jennifer White

As a wife and mom, one can easily get caught up in 





and ALL of your day-to-day tasks. 

I’m sure much like it is in my home, as “mom”, everyone relies on YOU. 

Trust and believe me I love my family, but some days it can be overwhelming and exhausting. 

And on those days, the smallest thing(s) can have me yelling at everyone in the house! 

You know those moments/days when everything is annoying and you just don’t want to be bothered? It’s in those very moments that I realize, yup I need time to myself. 

Self care for me is my time to decompress and give myself grace and prioritize just Jen

So mamas, my first question is: Do you have a regularly scheduled self care day? 

If you answered, “Yes!”, GO GIRLFRIEND, because you better! 

However if you sadly said “No”, no worries. Let’s plan one right now! 

  1. (Choose) Pull out your calendar and choose a date. It doesn’t matter, seriously go pull out your calendar and look for the next available day and book it. 
  2. (Plan) Plan time. It can be time by yourself or a date with your good good friends. 
  3. (Share) Tell your spouse or partner and to hell with them kids! (lol) They ALL will be alright! 
  4. (Enjoy) Go enjoy a massage, a facial, brunch, or whatever YOU need. 

While writing this, I just saw a meme that read:

Believe it or not there isn’t a single person you need in this life more than yourself. Put her first.

Yessss to that confirmation! Remember Mama, PUT YOURSELF FIRST. 

Go enjoy your self care day because you deserve it. 

~Your girlfriend Jen

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