Bag Lady

By: Jennifer Carrie

“Breast is best!” 

“It’s natural!” 

“It’s a special bonding moment!”…

I’ve heard it all.. 

and I believed it. 

If it was one thing I knew for sure, I was definitely breast feeding my baby! 

But wait. (fast forward to baby boy arriving)

One week in and my baby was not latching appropriately. All this boob – and – he ain’t latching?! 

His pediatrician even mentioned “supplementing with formula” *insert dramatic gasp*. That was NOT an option! 

I went home and pumped like a mad woman! And didn’t stop for another 13 months. 

I was so focused on giving my baby breast milk and NEVER using formula that I just stopped trying to get him to latch. The only problem with that – my milk supply was not consistent. 

One day I might’ve gotten 32 ounces and the next, barely 12 ounces. That left me with one choice: 

Pump all day, pump all night. 


Any place. 

Diaper bag, 

pump bag, 

cooler bag, 

work bag. 

“You can’t hurry uppppp, you got too much stuuuuuuff.” 

The thought of my supply dropping caused more stress than my first-time-mom self had. 

So, BISH YOU GUESSED IT- back down goes my supply. 

See the thing about exclusively pumping is, if you don’t pump and produce milk, your baby doesn’t eat. If your baby doesn’t eat, he doesn’t live. So, you’re telling me these hoots are responsible for keeping my baby alive?!,Got it! No pressure.  (cue… ALL the pressure) 

While I am super proud of myself for being able to provide breast milk for my baby for 13 whole months, I will admit: 

It was very stressful. 

Very time consuming. 

And to be totally honest, it contributed to a lot of anxiety. 

So, to any of my fellow “Bag Ladies” out there who may be struggling like I was – 

“let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go”. 

Please hear me when I say… Fed is best! 

Whether that be by formula or breast milk. 

Never let a blog, “expert’s option” or local housewife tell you what’s best for your baby. 

“Betcha love can make it better.”


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