Everyday is (a) Mother’s Day 

by Shenita Lyndell


(Written in 2020– at the start of the pandemic weeks after the birth of my first child)

To my SuperShero:

I have always appreciated the things you’ve done for me in my life

But as I embark on this new journey of motherhood— 

My gratitude has reached an elevated level.

Because I’m so new at it, I know that I can’t possibly yet comprehend all the many sacrifices, responsibilities, and joys you’ve experienced over the years as you’ve so gracefully and graciously mothered my sister, brother, and me. But I’ll tell you this…

Six weeks into late night feedings, all day diaper changes, tummy time, cuddle time, gummy smiles, and tiny cries I am in awe of the poise, stamina, love, and grace it must take to mother children their entire lives. 18 years old is a joke because there are still days where I want nothing more than a hug from my mommy…

Thank you for always giving love. Thank you for always edifying me, for choosing forgiveness, and modeling grace. Thank you for your style and sparkle and shine— it has lit up my life and given me something greater to aspire to. Thank you for always pushing to do what was best for your children and for doing the best you could. Mommy, your best was (and always will be) more than enough. 

I’m only able to rise to the charge of being Tootie’s mother because you did such an amazing job at being mine. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

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